Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek divides Callaway County and Boone County and cuts through Mark Twain National Forest. It is very similar to southern Missouri float streams scenery wise, but without the spring-fed water, it is rain dependent. Some small waves are present at low levels, but at flood, this Creek becomes really fun. It is a much larger volume creek than others in the Columbia area, however strainers are still a concern. One season an entire left chute around an island was jammed with large trees forcing the water under and around to the right. Not a place to get trapped!


Class I-II


Boone/Callaway County


0 = Rutherford Bridge
3.5 = Devils Backbone
9.5 = Route Y


No good gauge that everyone agrees on. (for me, standing on Rutherford Bridge looking below river left (south) there is a rock shelf. If the rocks below the shelf are covered, it is run-able) Basically, if the creek is running bank to bank with A LOT of volume, it’s runnable.

This information was provided by Steve Witzig.