Within these pages you will find information on the various whitewater runs that can be found in Missouri. All of the information within this site is based on my own personal experiences and/or that of my friends. Feel free to use this information when planning your next whitewater adventure, but remember as a boater, you are responsible for your own actions. All information in this site should be used simply as a reference. Good personal judgement should always be the determining factor when running whitewater. This website assumes no responsibility for the judgments made based on the information contained herein.

Creeks are runnable only after significant rain fall (ie. flood stage). Hazards include, but are not limited to, strainers, low water bridges (nasty pourovers at some levels), and narrow passages with tight turns. Be cautious, and paddle with someone that is familiar with these creeks! It is advisable to wear nose-plugs and be aware that the water quality is poor. Cases of Leptospirosis have been reported from paddlers playing on these creeks.

[tailor_map address=”37.580086, -90.466350″ zoom=”10″ controls=”1″ saturation=”-50″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1l”][tailor_map_marker title=”Upper Stouts Creek” address=”37.597897, -90.7014658″ latitude=”37.597897″ longitude=”90.7014658″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1k”]

Upper Stouts Creek

 Class III (IV) that drops 200′ in 3 miles with the shut-ins dropping 70′ in 1/2 mile.

[/tailor_map_marker][tailor_map_marker title=”Middle Stouts Creek” address=”37.584876, -90.5860498″ latitude=”37.584876″ longitude=”90.5860498″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1o”]

Middle Stouts Creek

Class III+ dropping 80′ in one mile with the shut-ins dropping 50′ in 1/2 mile.

[/tailor_map_marker][tailor_map_marker title=”Lower Stouts Creek” address=”37.590117, -90.5661206″ latitude=”37.590117″ longitude=”90.5661206″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1p”]

Lower Stouts Creek

Class II

[/tailor_map_marker][tailor_map_marker title=”Marble Creek” address=”37.449795, -90.5439487″ latitude=”37.449795″ longitude=”90.5439487″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1q”]

Marble Creek

Class III

[/tailor_map_marker][tailor_map_marker title=”Crane Pond Creek” address=”37.417453, -90.6189044″ latitude=”37.417453″ longitude=”90.6189044″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1r”]

Crane Pond Creek

Class IV. It drops 150′ in 2 miles with an impressive section that drops 80′ in 1/4.


[/tailor_map_marker][tailor_map_marker title=”Castor River” address=”37.5685667, -90.1548916″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1s”]

Castor River

Class III-IV

[/tailor_map_marker][tailor_map_marker title=”Turkey Creek” address=”37.574371, -90.4507097″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1t”]

Turkey Creek

Class IV. It drops 150′ in 2 miles with a section that drops 80′ in 1/2 mile.

[/tailor_map_marker][tailor_map_marker title=”Mud Creek” address=”37.555326, -90.4663376″ latitude=”37.555326″ longitude=”90.4663376″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1u”]

Mud Creek

Class III-V dropping 180′ in 1.5 miles. The last 1/3 mile drops 90′ for a max gradient of 270 fpm.

[/tailor_map_marker][tailor_map_marker title=”Little Rock Creek” address=”37.45771, -90.5006049″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1v”]

Little Rock Creek

Class IV-V that drops 110′ in 1/2 miles.

[/tailor_map_marker][tailor_map_marker title=”Wachita Creek” address=”37.613496, -90.4947722″ latitude=”37.613496″ longitude=”90.4947722″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1w”]

Wachita Creek

Class II

[/tailor_map_marker][tailor_map_marker title=”Rock Creek” address=”37.54882, -90.51220″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1x”]

Rock Creek

Class II-III

[/tailor_map_marker][tailor_map_marker title=”Lower Claybaugh Creek” address=”37.543263, -90.6838243″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1y”]

Lower Claybaugh Creek

Class III

[/tailor_map_marker][tailor_map_marker title=”Brewers Creek” address=”36.652411, -90.5715892″ latitude=”36.652411″ longitude=”90.5715892″ class=”tailor-5858963e67e1z”]

Brewer’s Creek

Class III. This run drops 320′ in 5 miles with a drop of 100′ in 1.5 miles


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St. Francis Mountains

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