NOTE: I can no longer recommend this run due to creek conditions and access concerns.

This creek was first ran by Greg Brown, Dennis Jones, Jerry Schaferoth, and myself in the spring of 1997. I again ran it in March of 1998 with Chuck McHenry and John Tansil. Both trips were ran at a minimal level. With alot of water this run would become very difficult.

As mentioned earlier, the first rapid is just below the highway and is named “Dr. Davidson Ridge I presume.” Yea I know. I didn’t name it. Greg named after his son, though I think he got a little carried away.

Between the road and here there is alot of brush and also a small tree that crosses the entire creek. As a result, we put in directly above the drop, not more than three feet from the edge. Only Greg and myself ran this one. The best route is right down the middle of the river left side with your bow up. On both trips everyone who ran this rapid hit bottom going off the first drop, I even vertically pinned for an instant.

This creek is very “channelized” so pins are abundant. After “Dr. Davi…..” there are a few small drops with several longer, complex drops in between. Towards the last of the run you will enter the “skinnies” which are a combination of three large rapids one after another with the last one being named “Chimpanzee” because of its resemblance to “Gorilla” in the “Narrows” on the Green. After “Chimpanzee” the run is pretty much over. Just a few miles of brush and small drops are left.

Here is a list of all the rapids names submitted to me by Dennis and Michele Jones:

  • Dr. Davidson Ridge I presume
  • Anaconda
  • Curious George
  • Chimpanzee
  • Cheetah
  • Amazon

I think we got on a jungle theme that day.


Class IV that drops 120′ in one mile and 100′ in 1/2 mile


To get to the take-out, drive east on AA. After a few miles there will be a gravel road on the left with a paintball sign just before it. Continue down this road until you go down a rather steep hill. When you get to the bottom there will be a house on the right. Just after the house the creek can be seen also on the right. This is the take-out.

The put in is just past the gravel road on AA. The first creek that crosses the road is the one you want. The best put-in is just downstream of the small bridge in an opening in the woods. You can’t miss it for this is location of the first rapid, “Dr. Davidson Ridge.”

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