Once you get to the dam get out on the right side to portage around. The dam is not runnable and the rapid directly below is difficult. The best put in is directly below this first rapid. If you put in at the right spot there will be another rapid directly below you. Run the river left chute. There are 7 major rapids in this run with #1 being the rapid directly below the dam.


Class IV. It drops 150′ in 2 miles with an impressive section that drops 80′ in 1/4.


To get to the put-in turn on E hwy. off of 21 in Ironton, go about 6 miles and you will see a paved road that angles off to the right. There may be a sign indicating Crane Lake is this way, but I’m not sure. Anyway continue down this road and it will turn into gravel. After that you will reach a 4-way intersection on gravel roads (?). Go straight. Drive to the end of the road. There are two places to park, take the left hand route if your vehicle will make it, but it doesn’t really matter both places are next to the lake. Simply get in your boat and paddle down the lake (to the left). You should be able to see the dam from the parking lot.

To get to the take-out, go back to E hwy and turn right (go away from Ironton). Take the next right and follow the road until you get to the creek.

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