This is a small first order stream that is extremely flashy. The watershed is downtown Columbia, so water quality is a concern, although it was running clear. The run is a mostly a small micro-gorge with ledge drops, holes and waves. The most significant rapids were named Delta Hole (between the Providence and Stewart Tunnels) and Quarry Falls (adjacent to the old quarry-turned swimming hole), which is about a 3′ ledge drop (vertical on right, slide drop on left). This run is tight, with lots of strainers and requires good boat handling skills.


Class II+/III-


To get to the put-in head downtown to Flat Branch Park on Fourth Street.

There are two take-out options: (1) MLK Park on Stadium (1.3miles to Stadium) or (2) Forum Blvd (1.3miles to Hinkson confluence,0.4 miles on Hinkson to Forum).


Window: ~30minutes, must still be raining hard downtown!

Level: If the rocks in the center of the creek at Flat Branch Park are underwater, don’t wait any longer. . .get in and paddle.

This information was provided by Steve Witzig.