Marble Creek is a great first option for MO Creekin’, but don’t take it lightly or you might find it is a good day for a swim.

The put-in is in the pool above the dam, or just below it if you choose not to run the dam. After the dam, there’s little whitewater until you reach the bridge. This is where the heart of the run lies. A multitude of surfing waves and eddies abound – have fun. There’s a lot of flat water after the bridge, but don’t despair before you reach the take-out you will come to a beautiful class III rapid. The creek constricts, the elvation drops, and the rocky hillsides are amazing.


Class III


To get to the put-in from Ironton go south on 21 after a few miles turn left on E hwy. Go 13 miles and Marble Creek State Park will be on your left. If you go in late spring or early summer you’ll have to pay to park, I’m not sure if the Silver Mine parking permits will work here or not but I doubt it.

To get to the take-out, leave the parking lot, turn left and just before you cross the river turn right on the dirt road. Follow the dirt road and park anywhere along the road when you find the creek. There isn’t much room at the take out so it’s best to leave most of the vehicles at the put-in. Keep the locals happy – don’t block the road.

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