Run description provided by Chuck McHenry.

This was my “lunch hour” run for many years and I have seen it at every level. At 2 feet on JT’s gauge and below to runnable- or just over the low water bridge, it is a delightful cl-III with multiple great surfing spots with “THE slide” having a river wide area to explore and test your skills.

As it rises into four and five feet, it becomes a monster, full of very difficult and retentive holes. There are NO lines. I just put in at the top and react  to what is coming, trying to get a peek DR at each crest. The big rock on the right, which is just above the entry to the slide that most of us take, will have a difficult eddy behind it, but otherwise you are committed to a blind slide with a violent, stopper wave at the bottom. Di, Pete and I did this, and as I waited in the pool below the slide I was truly amazed that we all made it through.

Amazingly as the river rises into six and seven feet on the JT gauge, while even faster, it seems to calm down a bit, having again some monster surf waves. The big rock on the right will be almost covered.

After you leave the big slide pool you will encounter two great play holes, and then look to the right of a boulder to do Action Alley. Be aware of the low water bridge about a hundred yards down. It is extremely retentive. Any doubt, walk it out.


Class III+ dropping 80′ in one mile with the shut-ins dropping 50′ in 1/2 mile.


The run is located about 4 miles east of Ironton on hwy. 72. The creek empties into Lake Killarney and you can actually finish your run on the lake. 

You can take out at Penuel camp. Chuck donates to them and thinks it is understood that kayakers can use it to get to the primitive parking area, across 21. This is dependent on us being respectful of the camp. It is a church as well and there are usually staffers there. We screwed up at the low water bridge and it is NOT a welcome put-in.

There are public access points next to the lake where you can get out and park your vehicle. The low water bridge, approximately a quarter mile up river of the hwy. 72 bridge, is NOT open for parking or putting in.

UPDATE: With the new bridge, parking options for the put-in are even more limited. Please take this into account when arranging shuttle and limit the number of vehicles going this way. You should also plan on hiking up-road a ways and put in just above the bridge.