As you travel past the bridge the creek continuosly picks up gradient, water, and pig crap. If your fear doesn’t stop you from running these drops, the smell of the water might.

There are several nice drops along with alot of brush, but after awhile there is a river wide strainer that picks up most of the brush and opens up the river.

The first tough drop is noticeble by the large jagged rock that divides the river in two. The left side is probably the best choice. It is a narrow chute with sheer rock face on both sides that ends in a boat munching hole. Hazards on this one are possible stern-bow pin, a wild hole ride, and decapitation if you run it with your paddle horizontal. Narrow!

After several more drops you will finally come to The Gauntlet. This one is huge!!! Chuck thinks it “is the hardest single rapid in Missouri.” It starts off with a 6-8ft waterfall that should be ran right to left. Catch the river left eddy, make a quick ferry and slide down the drop to the far river right side. Immediately, make a hard left turn, there is no eddy here for speed control, and go down another slide to the far river left side. These are must make moves! Don’t and you’ll be pinned. After all the S-turning go down the 8-10ft drop right of center. For those of you who walks this one, like I did, put back in here. Go down a nice class III drop before reaching Nothing, the last rapid on the creek. Just get up alot of speed and launch off.


Class III-V dropping 180′ in 1.5 miles. The last 1/3 mile drops 90′ for a max gradient of 270 fpm.


The put-in is on hwy D just a few miles past the Saint. Cross the new bridge at Silver Mines, go up the hill and on for about a mile. The first little bridge you come to is it. There is a pullover spot just past the bridge, but be low-profile ’cause not sure how the locals will take to boaters spooking their pigs. Put in right next to the bridge, make it quick.

The take-out is easy, the creek dumps into the St. Francis. Just boat on down to Silver Mines and take out.

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