I’ve never ran this one. I do know it is a nice class II-III with beautiful scenery. I think the run is around 2 – 2.5 miles and would be a good tester run before moving on up to the more difficult runs. Of course, I say this and then I look at the video and photos from others and think this run is rather stout. I really need to try it for myself.


Class III+


To get to this creek, take 144 (off Hwy 32) and head into Hawn State Park. The take-out is at the campground, so just follow 144 to it’s end, in the park.

To get to the put-in, head back out on 144 and take the first gravel road on the left. This will be Hawn Park Road. Follow the gravel road to the creek. Parking is limited. If you somehow end up at a lake, you went too far. Turn around and try again.

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