Run description provided by Chuck McHenry.

I always suspected that someone had done this creek, although I have never heard or read anything to support that. I did 2 solo runs about 7 years ago when the 3-year old was lost in that area. (My mission was gruesome, but luckily, after finishing 2nd day run, and standing at Stout’s Creek junction, a very drunk ATV’er came down road 535 whooping and hollering that they had found the baby! It was one big celebration!)

You can put in on Rock Creek almost anywhere along D highway. I was putting in near where the gravel D turns to pavement D. From here it is just cl-II and III- boogiewater until you get to a concrete bridge, where Rock Creek turns away from D to the left, or North, and D continues to the right. If you turn left, or North, at 535, this dirt road rejoins Rock creek all the way to crossing Stout’s Creek at a low water bridge. I don’t remember any barbed wire, but lately, it looks more brushed in now days.

This section, between D and Stout’s is a rollicking Cl-III, with a nice 8 footer in it. It seems to be quite busy the entire length. I know of no land ownership issues, but there are sections that may cross private property.


Class II-III


You can put in anywhere along Hwy. D.

Take-out is at low water bridge, or go on down Stout’s and in a little over a mile, you will come to Stout’s/Saint Francois junction. If the Saint isn’t your cup of tea, there is a very good trail about 200 feet up Stout’s from the Saint that leads to the 72 parking lot.