Silver Fork is north of Columbia and passes through Pinnacles youth park. This creek is narrow with lots of strainers. Many waves form at various spots at different water levels. Seven Standing Waves makes this run well worth it!!! This creek is more remote than others in the area and all of the river features are natural. An excellent run!


Class I-II


0 = Bridge on Tucker School Road
3.5 = Breedlove
8 = Pinnacles Youth Park
9 = rt. 124/US63


Painted on the right piling of the US 63 north bridge looking north, the top line is 5 feet.

Levels: 6″ is absolute minimum level (scraping at spots at this level)

Ideal level: 1.5′-3′ (over 4′ is good for fast run with lot of wave-train action, but the smaller surf waves are washed out, and eddies disappear).

This information was provided by Steve Witzig.