The first part of the run is easy, slightly techncal ledges. There are a couple nice class III drops in the run. One is a series of three(?) ledges that require quick S-turns to avoid nasty pour-overs at high water. Next is the dam, which has only been ran once, I always walk it. It is tempting to just take out at the dam since you’re right next to the car and there is only one rapid left. DON’T! The last drop is by far the best.


Class III (IV) that drops 200′ in 3 miles with the shut-ins dropping 70′ in 1/2 mile.


Drive west on M highway for about 3.5 miles. Just before the road turns to gravel there will be a pullover on the right for the take out. While setting up shuttle be sure to check out the dam and most exciting rapid on the run directly below, which will be right next to the road on the left hand side.

If this rapid looks dull, you better head somewhere else. Otherwise, continue on the dirt road following the creek on your left. You will come to a small bridge that passes over a feeder creek, this is the put in. There should be pull-over room on the right before the bridge.

Put in directly downstream of the bridge, its just a short distance before Stouts.

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